Rules to Follow as a AskYip Member.

27 Nov 2020

We here at AskYip only require a few things from our users to do and act on.

First We have our Rules we like our users to Follow and they listed as:
1) Cannot post questions with points on them or question will be removed. If found error than you will be reimbursed points and solution.
2) Cannot post links or they will be removed.
3) Cannot post Test questions or they will be removed.
4) Cannot submit AskYip work as your own work or we will find out and pursue action.
5) Cannot curse.
6) Can't use 1 point and post more than 1 question. It must be separated.
7) No cursing as said above and also can't post questions out of the selected topic or post will be removed
8)All posts that are removed will notify you and your points will be reimbursed.